• I can communicate individually with every one of my customers.

    Gain more customers and increase your revenue with email marketing automation.

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  • My customers are unique.

    Send emails that your customers want. Reach each of them with targeted, personalized content.

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  • I can engage with potential customers faster than my competition.

    Our system responds to your customers 24/7, so you can focus on your business.

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  • I can stay in touch with past customers.

    Re-engage past customers with email workflows and marketing automation.

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Personalize your emails

Send personalized emails to each person
  • Generate unique content for each individual person using our powerful data and templating system.
  • Every subscriber can receive a unique email.
  • Send targeted, personalized emails with templating and email marketing automation.
  • Reuse content in multiple sequences and workflows.

Send Smarter

Our segmentation engine takes smart actions
  • Send emails at just the right time.
  • Automatically start a series of workflows and drip campaigns when the contact reaches a defined set of criteria.
  • Identify important segments of users.
  • Send targeted, personalized emails.

Intelligent Workflows and Drip Campaigns

Our advanced workflow engine allows you to send a series of individual emails to each subscriber
  • React appropriately to user behavior and send emails based on data.
  • Each subscriber can take an individual path depending on their behavior.
  • Wait until just the right time to send an email.

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