Email Marketing Automation

Create customized email campaigns with advanced email workflows

Use email workflows, customer segmentation, and smart templates to personalize and automate your web and email marketing.

Marketing Automation

Easily create personalized, automated marketing campaigns.

Acquire New Customers

Our system reacts to your subscribers' behavior and sends relevant content at just the right time.

Develop Strong Relationships

Keep in touch with automated marketing, identify your best customers, and increase your revenue.

Re-engage past customers

Don't stop communicating with past customers. Follow up with retargeting email workflow and campaigns.


What are segments?

Segment your contacts by any criteria you choose. Segments offer a powerful method to customize the flow of your email workflows.

Wait until a contact enters a segment before sending an email, skip a step, or add the contact to new workflow if they match a configured segment. You can even send emails to all contacts that match a specified segment.

Email Workflows

Here is an example

Request to download a PDF


Send download link

Immediately send an email with a download link



Wait until download

The system waits until the user downloads the file. It could be minutes, days, or weeks.



3 hours later, send a video

Send the next email, but wait for a few hours after they have read the PDF.



Wait 2 days, then ask for a sale

Only do this if they haven't already purchased or signed up.



A week later, send a special deal

It's been a week and they haven't signed up. Provide an incentive, but only if they aren't a customer yet.



Pause until they subscribe

They might still sign up, let's wait and see.



Add them to the new customer onboarding workflow

Success! Add them to a new workflow to get them started with their new purchase!


Try it for yourself. Supercharge your marketing with advanced email workflows and automation.