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Spend time solving problems
not finding them

Skip the endless dashboards. Our algorithms find problems and optimizations for you rather than endless dashboards you have to decipher daily.

Set and track goals
for all parts of your business

Everything you need in one place. Track salespeople, calls, marketing campaigns, lead sources, NPS, custom entities, and more!

Spot downward trends
before they become a problem

Don't wait until it is too late to solve a problem, be alerted as soon as you are trending down or not pacing to hit a goal.

Time based and group

Our algorithms will pull out interesting time based and group comparisons. Use these alerts to determine where to spend your time optimizing business results.

Track progress
to goals and metrics

Get alerted early so you still have time to react. Set goals and a time frame (e.g., this month) and be alerted when you aren't pacing to hit those goals.

Up and running quickly
in days not months

You don't need a complex BI solution or expensive months' long implementations. Easily connect our services to your data and configure optimizations using our easy-to-use interface.

Optimize your business with state of the art analytics

Realtime AI analytics can improve your
performance up to 40%

Easily customizable

Supports your sales systems and KPIs

Create optimization checks for anything in your system using a simple configuration interface. Then our algorithms do all the hard work looking through your data in realtime. It is super easy to set up and can be managed by anyone on your team, no need for a developer or to hire a consultant.

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