Fewer clicks
More automation

Make your team more efficient by automating repetitive tasks in the browser.

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Automate Clicks

Reduce clicks and streamline complicated enterprise apps that make simple tasks difficult.

Gather and display related data

Load related information from any other app or source and display it how you need with custom widgets.

Prefill fields and data

Prefill from any source. Use related data in your other systems, or use 3rd party sources to save time filling out forms.

How it works

Built for teams of all kinds.

Our flexible platform allows easy integration into your workflow, saving you time without a ton of upfront cost.


A simple extension that runs in your browser

As you navigate your business applications, the app runs in the background and loads related data and scripts based on what you are looking at.


Embed actionble data

Using a simple templating system, we can show related data directly in the content of the existing app you use.

Automate redundant tasks

Automate clicks, data entry, gather and posting data to other systems, and more. The app gives you full access to the page.

Real life example

Case Study

See how one client transformed a tedious process of multiple systems into a streamlined, integrated workflow by using our platform.


3 separate systems

25 clicks to complete a task

5 loading screens

4 manual searches

25 required fields

15 minute process


1 integrated system

6 clicks to complete the same task

Zero loading screens

No manual searches

All but 1 field auto-populated

Less than 5 minutes for same process


Who uses our service

If any of the following apply to you or your team, you are a great candidate for using our service to make your more efficient.

If your team uses different systems to do their job, constantly switch between tabs, search for records, copy and paste information, or if multiple clicks and loading screens are required to perform common tasks, then we can automate this for you and make your process more efficient.

When using multiple systems you often have reference the same data in each one. Sometimes that's copying an ID #, or sometimes it is filling in the same information over and over. No matter what it is, it takes time. Time that can easily be returned to you with some simple automation in your browser.

Rather than flipping between tabs, wouldn't it be nice to have what you need in the tab you are working in? We solve this by determining your current record, searching your related systems in the background for that record, and injecting the data into the page you are currently using. It all happens automatically, and works with almost any web application.

How many times have you wished something only took 1 click instead of many? How often do you click a button just to wait for a loading indicator so you can navigate through a couple more screens? How often do you check the same checkbox? Type the same thing in a field? Or type up the same email with just slightly different data? Now you can stop doing that. We automate this quickly and easily, saving you time and making your process more efficient.

Simple pricing

Our pricing is simple and our service will be saving you and your team time in no time.

$ 49 /mo

per user

Data search and prefill

API search automation

Web components

Automate redundant tasks

Billed annually in bundles of 5 users

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We offer variable pricing with discounts for organizations. Get in touch with us and we’ll figure out something that works for you.

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